A Series Of Haunting Halloween Candlelight Concerts Are Coming To London

Tamsin Salfrais Tamsin Salfrais - Staff Writer

A Series Of Haunting Halloween Candlelight Concerts Are Coming To London

Forget the tricks, it’s time to treat yourself to a night of thrills this October, with two Halloween Candlelight concerts across the capital.

Something wicked this way comes: Halloween Candlelight concerts, dedicated to spooky season. On October 30 and 31, Candlelight Halloween: A Haunted Evening of Classical Compositions will take place at Syon Park. Then, across town, Candlelight: Halloween Film Scores and Classics at Butcher’s Hall will light up the stage on October 31. We’re frightfully excited.

halloween candlelight concert

On the nights, a talented string quartet will play modern Halloween tunes, such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and This Is Halloween, alongside sinister-sounding classical numbers. A selection of eerily familiar theme tunes will also be on the agenda, so listen out for the likes of Stranger Things and Psycho.

Halloween candlelight concert

To increase the fear factor, the concerts will be held by flickering candlelight in historical or traditional buildings across the city. One concert will be held at the stunning, glass-domed Great Conservatory at Syon Park, while another will light up the beautiful Butcher’s Hall, a traditional event space. While these locations are all gorgeously grand, we’re glad the circle of candles will summon a string quartet rather than a ghostly spirit… The shows will last a hair-raising 60 minutes after which, you can head out into the dark evening. Get your tickets here or here, if you dare.

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