New Guidelines Mean You Can No Longer Chat To Your Hairdresser While Getting A Trim

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New Guidelines Mean You Can No Longer Chat To Your Hairdresser While Getting A Trim

This will be hard for some, joyous for others.

Finally, the wait for a trim is nearly over! Although a date hasn’t officially been set yet, we could see hairdressers opening from July 4 at the earliest, according to Dominic Raab. So you’ll soon be able to make that golden visit to the hairdresser you’ve been craving for months. Only now, there’s a new catch… [Featured Image: Unsplash]

The National Hair And Beauty Federation have published a list of guidelines ahead of hairdressers’ plans to reopen next month—and these state that those staple chats at your local barber or salon might be a no-go.

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They say chatting should be kept to a “minimum” and stylists must “avoid face-to-face discussions with clients”. Customers will, of course, be permitted to speak about which style and cut they want. But, guidelines say these “should be made via the mirror while standing behind the client and kept to a minimum”.

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It has also noted that hairdressers can “lower the risk of infection [by standing or sitting] side-to-side, rather than facing people”. Guidelines have also suggested an online appointment service to create as little contact as possible and cutting out walk-in cuts. Moreover, customers have been urged not to wear jackets and coats in warm weather, due COVID-19 living on fabric materials for days.

Haircuts will be a little different, it seems, upon reopening. Going without a chit-chat may be difficult for some, and a welcome addition for those who don’t deal well with small-talk. However, we’ll take it either way for now. After all, three months with no haircut has taken its toll!

You can read the guidelines for the reopening of hairdressers in full here

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