Haig Club Is Taking Over A Soho Townhouse To Hold The Ultimate Stylish House Party

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Haig Club Is Taking Over A Soho Townhouse To Hold The Ultimate Stylish House Party

An immersive house party is coming to Soho.

19 Greek Street is the place to go this May for an elegant house party unlike any other. And just like the very best house parties, you’ll find a unique experience inside every room. This converted house in the heart of London’s party scene is an Instagrammer’s dream, filled with neon signage, foliage, sculptures and illuminations.  

Leave your coat in the hallway before you wander through the different rooms with the Haig Club Housemates – your hosts for the evening. Venture into the Lounge, Dining Room and Kitchen to get involved mixing your own drinks, putting together your own playlist and enjoying your night at the house. This house party is set to be a stylish affair, which means that even if whisky isn’t your usual tipple, you’ll undoubtedly find your new favourite cocktail after sampling some delicious recipes here.

Because the difference with Haig Club – and, of course, the Haig Club House Party, is that there’ll be no talk of open fires, serious conversations or the silent stirring of a single cube of ice. This is your house party: have fun, mix it up any way you want and make your own rules.

Kick back in the Lounge with a Haig Club, Orange and Tonic and listen to the live band. And if you’ve got a favourite song request track suggestions, it’ll be played. Just like the best house parties, everyone can take a turn with the music. The only rule here is to drink responsibly!

Next, sit down in the Haig Club House Dining Room. Here, you’ll be welcomed by one of the Haig Club Housemates, who will lead you through the process of making and personalising your own Haig Club New Old Fashioned. Have a say in what goes into your drink and mix it exactly to your taste: it doesn’t need to be sniffed or swirled around in glass like a science project; it’s there to be enjoyed.

All good house parties end up in the kitchen, but not all of them feature a proper dancefloor. Dance on the tiles as the night passes and the DJ plays some classic tunes. 

The best nights are the most memorable ones; from that incredible outfit you wore, the delicious cocktail you ordered, those once-in-a-lifetime moments shared with everyone around you. The Haig Club House Party is about having fun and drinking better – not more – drinks, before leaving the event looking just as stylish as you did when you arrived.

This article was sponsored by Haig Club. The Haig Club House Party runs from 16-18th May and tickets can be purchased here. 18+ only. Please drink responsibly and leave as you arrived. Produced in association with Sweet & Chilli

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