Everyone Is Loving The Party-Crashing Girls From This Week’s Guardian ‘Blind Dates’

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Joanne and Morgan go from 0-100 real quick and the internet is smitten.

The Guardian’s ‘Blind Dates’ column can be a bit of a hate-read, or at least frustrating to those of us looking for vicarious drama. Recent (positive!) instalments have ended with ‘half a tube trip together’, ‘a peck on the cheek goodbye’ and ‘we exchanged numbers.’

Enter Joanne and Morgan to CHANGE THE GAME.

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In their Blind Dates edition, which you must simply must read, the girls get lit on ‘four negronis and wine’, crash a house party together, and lose at least one pair of underwear. They text their friends about each other (‘cool and hot’ and ‘really great’ respectively) halfway through, kiss ‘a lot’, get thrown out of the house party, fall down (Joanna) and walk into a glass wall (Morgan.)

The utter lack of fucks given have made this, per social media, the meet-cute of 2019 thus far (and 2018, for that matter, as with 12,000 shares on Facey-B, it’s the biggest ever Blind Date by far.) QUOTH THE TWEETERS:

Regular ‘Blind Date’ reviewer The Guyliner had this to say:

It doesn’t matter what happens next, whether that second date came to fruition, or that cat got to meet a new stepmum. Because we will always have this moment, today – this one perfect, bawdy date, that ended in a fat round 20, with no knickers on. And nobody can take it away from us.

I’ll say. If you want to put YOUR most Jorgan-y foot forward on your next date, their adventure started at east London Italian joint Emelia’s Crafted Pasta. LOOK AT THIS MASSIVE PAPPARDELE:

Emelias Crafted Pasta
Photo: @whatmartineats

Pay them a visit at Unit C3 Ivory House, St. Katharine Docks, E1W 1AT – you’ll have to find your own house party to crash, though. FOUR NEGRONIS PLEASE WAITER!

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