Live Like A Princess At This Magical Masked Ball

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Great Masked Ball

London, you shall go to the ball!

At some point in your life, you will have watched a Disney film. This is a fact. But have you ever lived one? This summer, you’ll get your chance, as The Great Masked Ball comes to a magical fantasy realm near you. Now, you may think that masked balls are so last century, but when it takes the form of an immersive feasting, drinking, and dancing experience, we think you’ll agree that the time is ripe for masked balls to make a comeback.Great Masked Ball

The Great Masked Ball is, essentially, a fairytale come to life. It’s a tale woven by an all-star team, including Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson, Darling & Edge, and the team behind medieval feast In Nights Darkling Glory. They’ve taken over a secret location, and sprinkled it with liberal amounts of fairy dust to create and experience like no other. You’ll want to sport your finest: the dress code is a ballroom best, with touches of decadence and debauchery. Topped off, naturally, with an elegant mask, to cultivate an aura of mystery and intrigue.Great Masked Ball

Once you’re suited and booted, you’ll enter an incredible immersion into the world of Swan Lake, a shimmering masquerade where queens and princes dance the night away, and magic hangs thick upon every chandelier. Equally magical is the banquet, where a Russian-inspired feast provides peak indulgence. There’s a full menu of fairytale cocktails, which will no doubt come in handy when you’re whisked off to the enchanted forest.Great Masked Ball

At the end of the night, you can hop back into your carriage/the Tube, and waltz off home, knowing you’ve finally lived your fantasy of being a princess for the evening. You don’t need a fairy godmother to get tickets, because Fever have sorted them for you. Dates are available throughout summer, so pick them up here, and then go live like a real baller!

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