Grayson Perry Is Launching A New TV Show To Teach Art Classes During Lockdown

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Grayson Perry Is Launching A New TV Show To Teach Art Classes During Lockdown

Pick up a paintbrush and banish those lockdown blues!

While you may not have been a dab hand when it came to GSCE art, that’s not to say your skills haven’t matured over the years like a fine wine. Here to help you embrace your inner artist and develop that nascent skill set is none other than Grayson Perry and his new show, Art Club.

Known for his ceramic vases and beautiful tapestries, the Turner Prize-winning artist will be taking to the nation’s screens, via Channel 4, to teach us about all kinds of amazing art during lockdown.

Aiming to help us see the positive potential of a little time spent in self-isolation, Grayson’s Art Club will encourage people to begin, bolster and finesse their arty expertise.

Chatting to a number of infamous artists about their various creative processes, and teaching us, the people at home, how to sculpt, draw and paint, Grayson Perry’s new show will be a fabulous way to spruce up your quarantine stint.

Create something lovely to hang on your walls, or simply have a laugh giving it a good old go with your household. Either way, the show will provide a much needed escape for those of us feeling a little cooped up across the country.

After a short delay due to illness, Grayson’s Art Club will now air on Channel 4 at 8pm on Monday, April 27.

Perry is encouraging people to send in their very own artworks ahead of the show, and is now accepting submissions for the theme ‘fantasy’. You can send in your pieces here.

The best of these artworks will later be displayed in the artist’s exhibition; which will document the country’s changing mood over the coming months.