Experience The Magic Of Candlelight Concerts At London’s Grand Junction

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Grand Junction

The beautiful Grand Junction is home to London’s best cultural experiences.

Of all the venues where you’ll find candlelight concerts in London, few are as gorgeous and atmospheric as Grand Junction. A treasured community and arts space housed inside the stunning St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Paddington, Grand Junction has quickly become a favourite amongst guests of Fever’s winsome Candlelight series, which brings a night of ABBA hits to this incredible venue in on August 18.

Grand Junction

Grand Junction was designed to bring beauty to the lives of local Paddington residents, who were largely impoverished when the construction of St Mary Magdalene’s Church began in 1867. Today, after a recent £6 million restoration, it brings beauty and majesty aplenty, especially when combined with the soft flicker of candlelight and the swell of the music. Indeed, it’s not just the Candlelight series that has fallen in love with the venue, as Grand Junction also made an appearance on screen in the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables!

Grand Junction

Fever’s breathtaking Candlelight series has enjoyed major success in cities across the globe, such as Sydney, Barcelona, New York and Paris – but for our money, there’s no finer place to enjoy a candlelight concert than in an unforgettable London venue. In Grand Junction, candlelight concerts have found their home, with both performers and guests alike privileged to be surrounded by the building’s grand, gothic architecture.

So, you’ve got an incredible venue, mesmerising candlelight, and some of the greatest musical compositions of all time – all that’s missing is you!

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