Explore Earth’s Habitats, Board The International Space Station And Play Space-Themed Games On Google Earth Voyager

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz

Explore Earth’s Habitats, Board The International Space Station And Play Space-Themed Games On Google Earth Voyager

Turns out there’s more to Google Earth that you might have thought.

Did you even know that Google Earth Voyager existed? Home to a plethora of curated knowledge, from history to pop-culture, geography to literature, architecture, culture, travel, education, and games. There’s a fun ‘Earth at night’ feature, quizzes to play, and sacred sites to discover. Here’s a list of just a few of the fun things you can do, see and learn on the platform. (Featured image: NASA)

Games and Quizzes

I won’t lie. The first ten minutes I was on Google Earth Voyager, I was playing Where On Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? I don’t know about you but when I was a kid at school, this was the only game we had on the computer. The graphics are the same and so is the gameplay; except this time your map is Google Earth.

Aside from the three Carmen Sandiego games to be played, there are also a bunch of quizzes as well. See if you can guess the animal from the sounds they make, or test your knowledge on space exploration, spooky spots around the globe, and beaches from around the world.


Explore iconic bookstores, famous film locations from romance movies, indie flicks and superhero blockbusters, as well as global food halls and flea markets. Take a tour of milestones from Bob Dylan’s extraordinary career, discover the history of cricket, visit colourful communities and festivals around the world, and so much more.


Just because you can’t leave home, doesn’t mean that you can’t begin planning your next adventure. Explore cities from around the world right from your desk, find places to visit in the autumn, or maybe you want to visit the shelters hikers and trekkers stay at on their rugged walks? Alternatively, go treasure hunting on beaches, drive route 66, or, if you prefer the indoors, visit famous jazz clubs instead.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is fascinating. And on Google Earth Voyage, it’s a dream. Not only can you visit and explore some of the most famous national parks in the world, but you can also learn about the sea and oceans, tropical storms and volcanoes, and glaciers and ice.

Go back over 500 years and see how our biggest 20 tsunamis have affected the planet. The pretty colours you see in the image above is the energy recorded by the waves, many reaching over 20 metres in height.


School’s out and you’re never too old to learn new things — so why not let Google Earth Voyager teach you a thing or two? There are folk and fairytales to learn, sacred sites to learn about, and so much more.

Whatever your interests, there’s something on Google Earth Voyager for everyone. You can lose yourself for a minute, or lose the whole day clicking on different links, going from one place to another without ever having left your home.

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