Goats And Hoes: The Boat Race VS The Goat Race


On Sunday 27th March, Oxford and Cambridge go head to head in the Boat Races. At the same time in London’s East End, the annual ‘Oxford vs. Cambridge’ Goat Race takes place. But which one should you go to? Here’s the low-down on each event, so you can make up your own mind.



Boat Race: Starts at Putney Bridge, ends at Mortlake.


Goat Race: Spitalfields City Farm




Boat Race: The UK Women’s Boat Race is at 3.10pm and the UK Men’s Boat Race is at 4.10pm

Goat Race: 12.00pm-5.00pm


The Contenders:

Boat Race: A fine line-up of super-fit men and women. They’ve been training for months for this race. Oxford have won it for the past three years in a row, but Cambridge are hungry for it. Which university team will be victorious this year?

[Boat Race]
Goat Race: We’re not ‘kidding’ around when we say that these goats are in the best shape of their life. They’ve been working up some serious furry sweats in the lead up to the big day and, boy, are they ready. You can see the competition in their eyes. Our bets are on Oxford. He looks fierce. 

[Goat Race]
The Course:

Boat Race: A quick-paced and challenging four-and-a-quarter miles along the Thames, from Putney to Mortlake.

Goat Race: Depending on the goats’ moods, the pace could be quick, slow or varied. The “track” is part of the goats’ normal routine – a strenuous route going from the exercise paddock to the stables. Not for the faint-heated spectator.

[Time Out]

Boat Race: Free

Goat Race: £13. All money goes to the Spitalfields City Farm.


Making a Day of It:

Boat Race: Enjoy a pint and a front row seat of the races at one of the pubs along the Thames’ race route. Many of them are putting up food stands and will have live entertainment.

[The Crab Tree]
Goat Race: There will be activities, music and entertainment throughout the say at Spitalfields City Farm, all included in the ticket price. You must buy tickets in advance. Check out the website for more details.



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