It’s Your Absolute Last Chance To Get Your Glastonbury Shit Together, And Here’s How

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Glastonbury Festival

Now is the time to get your shit together for Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary.

It’s the festival that every artist dreams of performing at, the festival every music lover wants to attend. It’s the festival where real life doesn’t matter, where magic happens, and where dreams really do come true…

Back on the ground, away from hippie heaven, all of this love also means Glastonbury is the festival every man and his dog wants to go to. This makes it a massive challenge to get tickets, to say the least. And with 2020 marking Glastonbury’s 50th birthday, the battle to buy for next year’s event could prove even harder.

Luckily we’re on hand to give you all the details about how to secure your spot at the best festival in the world, on its biggest birthday bash of our lifetimes.

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When will Glastonbury tickets go on sale?

So coach and ticket packages will go on sale first, at 6pm BST on Thursday, October 3.

General admission tickets will go on sale next, at 9am BST on Sunday, October 6.

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How much will Glastonbury tickets cost?

Tickets will cost £265 per person, plus a £5 booking fee.

If your bank accounts are not looking that healthy at the moment, don’t worry just yet. You only have to pay £50 up front when booking in October, and this £50 will act as a deposit. The full amount will have to be paid by the first week of April, 2020.

When booking a coach package you will need to pay the £50 deposit, plus the full coach fare. The remaining ticket balance will, again, not be due until the first week of April, 2020.

BUT! If you are planning on buying a ticket, you’ll need to make sure you register in advance.

Stormzy headlining at Glastonbury, 2019. Photo: @glastofest

So how do I register?

Registering is completely free and only takes a few minutes, but make sure you do it correctly and well in advance. You don’t want to miss out!

Registration will close at 5pm on Monday, September 30. After that, there will be no other opportunities to purchase tickets in October, meaning your chances will be even more limited.

You will be required to upload a passport-style photo of yourself with a neutral expression against a plain, light background. You will also have to provide your basic personal details and contact details. So nothing too crazy, just make sure you do it in plenty of time as it may take several days to confirm.

For those of you who are already registered with the Festival, you will not need to re-register. But you should still check your existing registration and update your photo if ‘it is no longer of a good likeness’ (it’s ok, we’re all counting the wrinkles too).

Registration may not guarantee you a ticket, but it is needed to even have a chance of getting one. So get on with it.

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Why are coach packages out before general admission tickets?

You may be confused as to why regular tickets are not being released first. This is part of Glastonbury’s ‘continued commitment to green travel’.

If securing your ticket before anyone else isn’t enough to make you go green, perhaps an additional 2020 benefit will: when accommodation for Worthy View (the Festival’s official pre-erected campsite) goes on sale later in the autumn, priority booking will be given to coach and ticket package holders. Result!

You can book up to six coach tickets per transaction, so why not make it a fun trip down for you and your friends?

A list of departure towns and prices will be available for you to check out prior to coach packages going on sale. So forget the car, get the coach. Save energy, save your spot and save the environment!

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Regardless of what you do, it’s going to be a battle. But if you make sure you’re registered in advance, ready to buy tickets on the dot, and only buy from where the Glastonbury website advises you to, you’ve already given yourself a great chance to go the world’s best festival.

So best of luck, Glasto-lovers. We hope to see you at the farm! 🎉

Photo: @glastofest

For anymore information, visit the Glastonbury official website here.

Featured image: @glastofest

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