We’re Going Ginsane For This Charming Gin Festival

Gin To My Tonic

Go batty for botanicals at The Gin To My Tonic festival.

London may run on coffee, but it certainly relaxes on gin. So when a gin festival rolls into town, you just know we’re going to be there. On April 5th & 6th, The Gin To My Tonic festival will set up shop in London, and we’re so ready for it. Partly because of the cute name, but mostly because of the 100-strong gin selection they’ll be bringing along. Read on for more info, or grab your tickets here.

Gin To My Tonic

A century of gins really is The Dream, isn’t it? The tipples are gathered from across the UK and Europe, so you can sample the best of Spain, France, and the USA without needing your passport. The Gin To My Tonic festival will also welcome a range of fruit-flavoured gins, giving you the chance to wet your whistle with strawberry & black pepper, violet, and raspberry & cardamom gins.

Gin To My Tonic

As the festival’s name suggests, you’ll be pairing them with a nice measure of tonic (their preferred mixer is Fever Tree). In what we regard as a masterstroke, Gin To My Tonic will pour 35ml serves, instead of the usual 25ml, so there’s even more gin for your buck! Plus, you’ll get a complimentary glass, stainless steel straw, and Gin Explorer (dream job, IMHO) guide with your ticket. Add in live entertainment, expert-led presentations, and souvenirs for you to take home, and you’ve got one gintastic day out!

Find your tickets to The Gin To My Tonic festival here.

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