Brixton’s Brilliant Gin Festival Is The Place To Be This Summer

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Brixton’s Brilliant Gin Festival Is The Place To Be This Summer

Is the Brixton Gin Festival the event of our dreams? Quite possibly.

Here’s the first bit of good news: a brilliant new gin festival hits Brixton this summer, bringing banging botanicals to thirsty punters. But there’s more good news, for the festival will also unite that holy trinity of gin, crisps, and dips – and we’ve got the tickets lined up for you.

Heading to Brixton Jamm on Saturday, July 20th – with another date on August 24th – the Brixton Gin Festival is a celebration of glorious gin, featuring masterclasses and tastings aplenty. Really, it sounds like Gin Heaven, and live DJs and a rather unusual source of sustenance only make it better…

Gin and crisps
Photo: @wearehipchips

If you’ve ever paid a visit to Hipchips, London’s crisp n’ dip restaurant, and thought “great concept, but I’d like some booze with it please”, then you’re in luck, because they’re running the food here. Packing a crunch, and offering damn fine dipping, you’ll be welcomed with Hipchips’ finest and a selection of delicious dips to experiment with, including options like baba ghanoush, katsu curry, and smoky cheese fondue. The gin festival will also have street food on hand, in case you decide you can’t live on crisps alone – let the games be-gin!

Find your tickets to the Brixton Gin Festival here.

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