Geneva Is Giving Tourists £84 Spending Money With Absolutely No Catch

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In an attempt to give their tourism industry a boost, Geneva is gifting tourists with the Geneva Gift Card, with £84 to spend on goodies.

Yes, you are reading that right – Geneva really is planning to give away money to anyone travelling to the Swiss city this year! Instead of cash, guests staying two nights or more will receive a Geneva Gift Card worth 100 Swiss Francs (£84) to spend at hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and other participating venues across the city.

Currently, over 100 businesses have signed up to the scheme and will accept the gift card, including the five-star hotel Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues and the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Chat-Botte, if you’re feeling fancy. The card can also be used at a range of attractions, such as the Museum of Far Eastern Art and the Local Flavours Chocolate Tour.

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Guests must be staying for a minimum of two nights at a participating hotel in order to receive the pre-loaded gift card. They will be distributed at the hotel check-in and only one card is given out per room. Just make sure to spend the full amount on your trip, as any outstanding balance will not be refunded.

Aside from the free money, Geneva is a very popular holiday destination with no shortage of beautiful scenery and tourist attractions to visit. Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc, the Jura Mountains, and the Swiss Alps are but a few breathtaking spots in or near to the city that should not be missed.

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Switzerland is currently part of a travel corridor with England, meaning that a 14-day quarantine upon your return won’t be necessary – and if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. Be sure to check the Foreign Office list for the latest updates on travel corridors before booking, though. Still, if you’re looking for an incentive to travel this year, Geneva might just be the perfect place for you. And the gift card scheme is running until 31 December 2020, so you have till the end of the year to make the most of this offer!

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