Director Admits That Canary Wharf Station Was Used In The Latest Star Wars Film

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

Director Admits That Canary Wharf Station Was Used In The Latest Star Wars Film

Gareth Edwards, director of Rogue One the highly anticipated new Stars Wars film, confirmed this Friday that Canary Wharf underground station was used for filming part of the movie.

Last April when the Rogue One trailer was first released, keen-eyed Star Wars loving Londoners took to twitter to show off just how clever they are by letting us all know that they hadn’t been fooled by the station’s intergalactic makeover.


… Yes it LITERALLY is.


… Yes those Imperial Stormtroopers ARE at Canary Wharf my friend… Apparently the Jubilee Line goes directly to the Death Star, who knew?!

Turns out it was in fact the genius of thrifty British director Edwards who used to live in the area and thought using the sci-fi-esque tube station would be a lot simpler than building huge and expensive sets – nice thinking man, now we can all visit the movie sets on our daily commute – epic.

The filming took place on a ‘secret mission’ overnight with Canary Wharf being transformed into a space-aged hub for Storm Troopers and had to be finished by 4am when the station reopened.

We feel for the poor drunken bastard who was unfortunate enough to stumble across a party of gun wielding Storm Troopers at 3 in the morning and inevitably worried for the fate of the planet…

The movie is set for release in December 2016 and we’re excited to point at the screen shouting ‘OMG CANARY WHARF!!!!


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