Dance In A Private Aerodrome At This Futuristic Spanish Festival

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Dance In A Private Aerodrome At This Futuristic Spanish Festival

London can boast about many things but a futuristic festival set to a backdrop of snow-capped mountains is unfortunately not one of them.

Which is why we’re taking a break from our usual London-centric antics to bring you something entirely new and, dare we say it?, worth venturing outside of the capital.

Air Europa’s “Future Is Now” festival is set on the grounds of a private airport in Segovia, Spain. Taking place on June 8, 2019, it’s a music and arts-focused event that’s set to be a cult favourite this year. Located 90km away from Madrid, it promises 16 hours of incredible music, ranging from house and disco, to afro and tribal, and minimal tech-house. And with a limit of only 2000 people, it’ll be an intimate affair and certainly a night to remember.

Many festivals might claim to be unique but Future Is Now is definitely up there with the title. This event takes place inside a huge aircraft hangar surrounded by vastly expansive open-air skies, making this a private and escapist retreat quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

The emphasis of this boutique festival is on close relationships with each other and the music, with nature and with good vibes, all under the theme of futurism. So even as you’re dancing around on this private airfield with your best pals, make sure to pay attention to the music and the setting around you.

Appearance is key and outfits falling under the vague umbrella of “futuristic” are highly recommended. Alongside the three spatial stages, there’ll also be futuristic art installations, guaranteed to get you in the mood for partying.

You’ll be able to explore three different stages at Future Is Now, surrounded by nothing but fields and mountains. Wander over to the Pecora Stage by Pecoranegra and Rêve for a Cause, where you can dance to the likes of Angie O, Luigi Mazzali, Pomboklap and Sparrow- Bryan Coletta for an evening of afro and tribal beats.

If you’re more of a house, tech or disco fan, the other two stages are where you’ll likely spend your time. The Moody Stage by Moody Collective inviting Flava is your one-stop shop for all things house and disco, starring everyone from Carl Cousin to Nico Fiftyfour and Simone de Kunovich. Moody Collective are behind the cult Uva Festival, so you know exactly what you’re getting at this one (and it’s guaranteed good tunes).

Don’t forget to check out the Aquarium Stage by Quinoa to get down to a secret live act, or the already announced Savino, Baldman and Mike James. This international collective from Italy, UK, France, Spain and Russia are leaving a real impression on the underground scene and are sure to play an impressive set at Future Is Now.

This post was sponsored by Air Europa. Tickets are selling fast for Future Is Now and here’s where to buy them. Find out more information by clicking the link here. This festival is 18+ only. Please drink responsibly.

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