Frozen 2 Hits Cinemas Tomorrow And We Are Definitely Not Prepared For It

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Frozen 2

Brace yourself for All The Emotions when Frozen 2 arrives in UK cinemas.

Can you believe it’s been six whole years since Frozen first arrived in our lives? It honestly feels like Let It Go has been around for ever, and yet we’ve had three Olympics and three Prime Ministers since then. Now, we stand upon the eve of Frozen 2 arriving in cinemas, with the release confirmed for November 22nd, and the hype for Elsa and Anna’s return is real; get your tickets here to be the first to see it!

The plot is still being kept pretty neatly under wraps, but trailers and images have given us some tantalising tidbits to go on. Much of the story seems to revolve around Elsa’s past, with a mysterious voice calling her north even as Arendelle becomes threatened by unknown forces. Elsa’s quest will lead her┬áto an enchanted forest, and a hidden people who may be able to help answer questions about her powers.

Frozen 2
Naturally, Anna, Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff are joining the exploration, whilst new voices and faces arrive from the likes of Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood. In expanding on a world beyond Arendelle, Frozen 2 offers gorgeous visuals in the likes of rock monsters, autumnal forests, and water horses – and you can bet your bottom dollar that the film will feature some catchy new anthems too!

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