‘FRIENDS – The Tribute Musical’ Is Coming To London And We Are CLAPPING

‘FRIENDS – The Tribute Musical’ is hitting the London stage, and we’re so excited we might vomit.

Friends ran for a decade and the final episode, which aired a whole FIFTEEN years ago, was viewed by 52.5 million people.

There have long been rumours of a comeback show or sequel film, but nothing has ever amounted to anything. However, we may have just stumbled upon the next best thing because, according to Ticketmaster, a musical tribute to the series is coming to the capital.

At this point we know absolutely nothing about the show—except that it’s happening—but we’re hoping and praying for a rendition of Smelly Cat.

A short blurb found on the Ticketmaster blog reads: “Ross and Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and of course Joey LOVE Friends. And if you do too, you’re not going to want to miss this wonderful tribute musical comedy that celebrates everything that FRIENDShip is.”

“In fact, there’s nothing better than Friends reunited, is there?”

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