Get Fried Chicken And Prosecco Delivered To A London Park For The Ultimate Picnic

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Get Fried Chicken And Prosecco Delivered To A London Park For The Ultimate Picnic

Londoners can get fried chicken and prosecco delivered to the park throughout June.

Sure, cocktail sausages and carrot sticks are great, but you can do better than that.

Smith & Sinclair have teamed up with Mother Clucker to create what can only be described at The Ultimate Picnic. Simply head over to Deliveroo and order what you like from Mother Clucker—chicken wings? a chicken burger? a chicken burrito even?—and select the ‘Cluck ‘n’ Cocktail’ hamper at the checkout.

Deliveroo will then bring you everything you need: a picnic blanket; four glasses with enough prosecco for two glasses each; four of Smith & Sinclair’s award-winning alcoholic cocktail gummies; a garnish spray; a gin-flavoured sherbet dipper; Peach Bellini-flavoured edible bubbles; as well as their newest product, the Peach Bellini F.I.Z.Z. These come in the form of Berocca-style tablets that you can pop into your prosecco for an instant cocktail. Magic.

The hampers can be delivered to anywhere—parks, houses, gardens, offices—in reach of Mother Clucker’s Clerkenwell and Whitechapel branches. These cover: Islington, King’s Cross, Fitzrovia, Covent Garden, Temple, Bloomsbury, Victoria Park, Bethnal Green, Spitalfields, Stepney, Mile End, Shadwell and Whitechapel.

So go ahead and swap those warm dark fruit ciders for ice cold prosecco. You know it’s what you want, and it’s sure as hell what you deserve.

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Available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 31 until June 30, the ‘Cluck ‘n’ Cocktail’ hamper will set you back £45 (plus the cost of your food at Mother Clucker). Between four of you, that’s fairly reasonable for a boujee picnic, wouldn’t you say? 

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