The New York Style Basement Bar With A Legendary Cocktail Menu • Freud

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The New York Style Basement Bar With A Legendary Cocktail Menu • Freud

Don’t come to Freud if you want a guaranteed table.

And don’t come to Freud if you’re not happy to queue for a drink. But don’t let that put you off: because if you’re a fan of cracking cocktails and an unpretentious-in-the-best-form-of-the-word bar, Freud is exactly where you should go.

Granted, you might not have high hopes when approaching Freud after you’ve carefully stepped your way down the rickety metal stairway. And, of course, that’s assuming you didn’t walk straight past the entrance. But once you’re inside the minimalistic venue, ignore the concrete walls and head straight to the bar.

When we say that Freud does cocktails well, it’s a vast understatement. Freud combines expert knowledge, mouthwatering ingredients and a freshly updated blackboard to offer Londoners some of the best drinks in the business. Some of that expertise might come from the fact that Freud has been around for decades: it launched as Britain’s first cafe-bar in 1986 and has been wowing Londoners ever since.

There’s a great list of cocktails to start you off or, on the slim chance you don’t see something you fancy, the mixologists are well equipped to concoct you a drink from scratch. Tell them your likes and dislikes (and what you prefer in a drink) and with a shake of the wrist and a quick stir, you’ll have a bespoke drink proudly placed in front of you.

In true Christmas spirit, Freud has recently revealed a new collection of drinks. Come along after work or on the weekend and get cosy with a Grand 75 (Champagne, orange, Cognac, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, lemon juice), a Saint Clements (Grand Marnier, Cognac, lemon juice, sugar, orange juice), the Winter Negroni (Campari, Gin, Vermouth, Grand Marnier) or a Snow Queen (O’ndina, Grand Marnier, sugar, lemon juice, egg white) Our recommendation? Grab a group of friends so you’re well equipped to sample them all!

This article was sponsored by Grand Marnier. 18+ only. Please drink responsibly. For all the facts, visit drinkaware.co.uk. Find out more about Freud here. Find Freud at 198 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8JL. Nearest stations: Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Holborn.

Opening times are: Monday – Wednesday 4–11pm, Thursday 4pm–2am, Friday 4pm–3am, Saturday 4pm–3am, Sunday 3–11pm. 

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