A Free, Immersive Production Of ‘IT’ Will Terrify London This August

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


A malevolent evil is lurking in the Waterloo Vaults, and IT is coming for you.

Yeah, if you hate clowns, you’re seriously going to want to avoid Waterloo Vaults for a little while. To celebrate the upcoming horror flick IT: Chapter Two, Warner Brothers are unleashing Pennywise upon the Vaults, where he’ll be scaring the living bejesus out of punters from August 30th – September 4th, as part of a high-stakes immersive adventure.

There’s not a huge amount known about the experience thus far, but the involvement of the film studio hints at some pretty high production values. That translates as “breathtaking sets and terrifying scenes”, in what amounts to “an epic and highly interactive adventure for movie lovers”. Warner Brothers are promising nine themed zones set amongst the warrens of Waterloo Vaults – which are honestly already quite ominous, even without the added threat of a murderous clown on the loose.

Most encouragingly for us cash-strapped millennials, the entire experience will be free to attend – to take part, you’ll need to win yourselves some tickets, for which entry opens on August 6th. Swings and roundabouts, isn’t it: on the plus side, it’s free (because like the clown himself, you’re also quite pennywise)! On the down side, you might literally die of fright – tough choice, really…

Check their website for updates on ticket releases.

Featured image: Warner Brothers

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