This Incredible Spa Resort Just Opened In Canada, And London 100% Needs One

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Förena Cité Thermale

Förena Cité Thermale is a dreamy destination for relaxation.

This has, admittedly, been a pretty bad week for my wanderlust. Barely a few days after we told you about Sweden’s floating hotel beneath the Northern Lights, comes the news that a giant open-air spa resort has opened just outside of Montreal, and it looks absolutely stunning. Förena Cité Thermale is a multi-million dollar development that opened to the public at the end of January, and oh my sweet lord we need to be there right now.

Förena Cité Thermale
Photo: @forena_cite_thermale

Drawing on the thermal spa traditions of Iceland, Germany, and Russia, Förena Cité Thermale sits on the edge of Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park, just east of Montreal. A thermotherapy experience here consists of a 10-15 minute stay in a sauna or the hot pool, a brief splash under a freezing cold waterfall, and then an unspecified period of relaxation (so take as long as you need!).

Förena Cité Thermale
Photo: @thi.martine.mai

Naturally, the big draw here is the huge, Scandinavian-inspired outdoor thermal pool, studded with imposing black rocks and ringed by Canadian forests – a proper relaxing escape to nature if ever we saw one! You can expect plenty of people to run the risk of a waterlogged phone here, all in pursuit of that perfect descending into the spa shot.

Förena Cité Thermale
Photo: @forena_cite_thermale

Plus, with prices starting at $65 (around £38) for a thermotherapy treatment, it’s not the ultra-luxe, totally unaffordable place you might have thought from looking at the photos. You can find out more from their website, and in the meantime, I’m off to check out some flights to Canada…

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Featured image: Förena Cité Thermale, via Facebook

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