The Florence Nightingale Museum Is Set To Close

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The florence nightingale museum

The Florence Nightingale Museum is on the brink of closing.

The pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on a number of businesses in London, including the Florence Nightingale Museum. This incredible museum celebrates “the life and work of the best known figure in nursing history”, and there is a very real chance that it may never open its doors again. The museum is a small independent charity that relies on patrons for over 90% of its revenue. Lockdown part one, two and three has lead to a grave loss of income and the charity is now on its way to financial insolvency. [Featured image: @florencemuseum]

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Now more than ever nursing, hand washing and cleanliness regimes are of the utmost importance, all of which were pioneered by Florence Nightingale herself. This museum provided an invaluable and enjoyable educational experience where guests could learn all about her innovations and long lasting legacy. Unfortunately, they have announced that the museum won’t open this year even when restrictions have eased. They do plan to reopen again down the line but it won’t be anytime soon.

Their website states: “Regretfully, but inevitably, the Florence Nightingale Museum must announce a major review and restructuring of its operations in response to the damaging and continuing effects of the pandemic. Currently we are closed due to Covid restrictions, but the Museum will close from 28 February 2021 for the foreseeable future.”

The museum has managed to stay afloat this long largely due to donations from the general public. They are now relying on donations once again to fundraise for the future of the museum, whatever that may be. Head to their website to make a donation and help save this wonderful charity! In the meantime, if you’re keen to learn all about the wider history of nursing in the UK, the museum has the most insightful collections, articles and exhibitions online.

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