These Gorgeous Floral Installations Are Currently In Covent Garden

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Floral dresses

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking…”

Alright, so they may not get the approval of Miranda Priestly, but these striking new designs certainly have our attention. A series of beautiful floral dresses, each made entirely out of flowers, are currently occupying Covent Garden, courtesy of Fleurs de Villes.

Floral dresses
Photo: @hettysnell

They’re the vanguard of Covent Garden in Bloom, which runs until June 5th, but the dresses are only sticking around until this Sunday, May 19th. The dresses are highly impractical for an evening on the town, of course, but as haute couture goes, they might be our favourite interpretation yet.

Floral dresses
Photo: @simolondon31

Fleurs de Villes partnered with Covent Garden residents such as SUSHISAMBA and Godiva to bring the dresses to life, which also roped in fabulous florists such as Wildabout and June in March.

Floral dresses
Photo: @coventgardenldn

Amongst the most eye-catching creations currently gracing the plaza are a regal Queen Elizabeth I. Constructed with the help of the National Portrait Gallery, it’s a real-life evocation of the iconic image of the monarch, painted by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger in the sixteenth century.

Floral dresses
Photo: @veronicasofficial

Personally, I’m a little bit enchanted by the wonderfully witchy creation from West End smash-hit Wicked, who’s really rocking the “giving zero fucks in high fashion” look.

Floral dresses
Photo: @angelacoomey

Beautiful though they are, the floral dresses aren’t the only thing currently charming the crowds at Covent Garden in Bloom – as a hot pink, flower-filled Jeep (courtesy of Fentimans) has had multiple sightings on Instagram. You’ll find the floral creations in the central avenue of Covent Garden market until Sunday, so get yourself down there ASAP – just don’t be too annoyed if they’re outdoing your outfit though…

Featured image: Covent Garden

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