London’s Puzzling New Escape Room Is Found Aboard A Decommissioned Airplane

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Flight 338

Flight 338 is what happens when you combine escape rooms and Con Air.

I’m sure we’d all rather like a winter getaway, escaping on a plane and heading off somewhere preferably warm and sunny. With that in mind, it’s time to tell you about Flight 338, which offers up a real-life plane, a dramatic escape, and the sunniest destination of all: freedom. That’s because this plane isn’t actually whisking you abroad; instead, it’s the setting for one of London’s dramatic escape rooms, for which you can find your tickets here.

Flight 338

Brought to you by noted escape room aficionados The Riddle Within, this is the first escape room in the world to take place on a decommissioned plane. (Yes, unless it wasn’t already obvious, the plane won’t actually be leaving the ground.)

Flight 338

The story unfolds thusly; once a member of the USA’s most notorious bank-robbing gangs, you’ve been on the straight and narrow since retiring. That is, until an shadowy figure frames you for a crime, landing you aboard prisoner transport plane Flight 338, along with the old faces from your crew. Unlike a trip to Mallorca, this is one flight you really do want to miss

Flight 338

Miraculously, one member of the gang has evaded capture, and has been leaving clues around the airstrip and on board the plane, clues which might help you make a daring bid for freedom.

Flight 338

With the clock ticking down until the flight departs, you’ve got one last shot at an escape – but you’ll need to hunt down clues, solve puzzles, and overcome the odds to make your getaway and leave the guards echoing the thoughts of Samuel L. Jackson: “I have had it with these motherf*cking escapes on this motherf*cking plane!”

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