Head To The Flat Iron Square Fan Zone To Try These Delicious Guinness-Paired Dishes

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Head To The Flat Iron Square Fan Zone To Try These Delicious Guinness-Paired Dishes

Flat Iron Square is one of our favourite foodie-hubs in London any time of the year and it’s gone all out for the Guinness Six Nations.

Feeling hungry? Good. Inside the fan village you’ll find a huge variety of Guinness Stout and Hop House 13 Lager-paired dishes. Some have been infused with the drink itself, while others are just excellent picks for enjoying while you watch the match.

You’ll want to turn up early before the game starts because it’s a challenge alone to decide which stall you’ll purchase your food from. No matter whether you fancy a burger, pizza, chicken or pasta, you’ll find something to enjoy with your Guinness Stout. Here are some of our favourite, limited edition dishes that’ll be served up throughout the Guinness Six Nations at Flat Iron Square.

Cantina Carnita

Dig into Cantina Carnita’s Potato & chorizo nachos with Guinness cheese sauce for a delicious start to the game. And don’t forget to pick up your Guinness Stout on entry for the perfect pairing!


There are few things quite as tasty as Bittenclub’s Duck Mi, which consists of free range duck confit, Guinness Stout, honey, cinnamon, chilli and cloves. For best results, pair with Hop House 13 Lager for an excellent flavour combo.

Mother Clucker

We need no excuse to tuck into fried chicken and Mother Clucker’s is the best of the best. Their Guinness Six Nation’s offering is made up of a mouthwatering Guinness BBQ Sauce Chicken Bun which, of course, goes great with a pint of the black stuff.


Branch out from the rest with Ekachai’s Nasi Goreng with rice, with a Hop House 13 Lager.  The crunchy salad contrasts with the umami-flavourings of the rice and the chilli adds a pop of heat with each mouthful.

Savage Salads

Steak meets Stout at Savage Salads, and their Guinness Six Nation’s dish is definitely something to write home about. Dig into tender strips of steak, covered with Guinness sauce and enjoyed with chips, rocket, parmesan salad and truffle mayo. Watching the game with this dish and a Guinness Stout in hand is our idea of a tip top afternoon.

Baz & Fred

It’s hard to go wrong with a pizza but “The Chicken O’Driscoll” is especially impressive. This pizza comprises of Guinness beer can cooked chicken, crispy pancetta, spinach, sun-blush tomato and mozzarella, and we’re happy to confirm that it’s just as incredible as it looks. Ask for it with a Guinness Stout and you’re good to go.


20-day aged patty? Check. Mozzarella cheese? Check. Nduja, chorizo jam, rocket salad and pesto mayo? Check. And let’s not forget those fries! This Edu burger is one of a kind and you’ll only be able to enjoy it for the duration of the Guinness Six Nations. It comes on a brioche bun and we recommend pairing with a Hop House 13 Lager.

La Nonna

Another difficult-to-go-wrong dish, this Nduja & Guinness meatball pasta from La Nonna is good enough to keep us happy even if our chosen team loses the game. It’s been slow-cooked in tomato sauce and covered with shavings of cheese for the ultimate comfort food. Get yourself a Guinness Stout and you’re all set.

Tatami Ramen

It might not be your first suggestion when it comes to beer-paired food, but Tatami Ramen’s Fried chicken with rice is the best midpoint between nourishing food and deliciousness. Perfect for keeping you warm in Flat Iron Square’s garden, we suggest eating it with a Hop House 13 Lager in hand.


Last, but definitely not least, is Laffa’s Lamb kofta salad mezze box. There are enough contrasting flavours in this dish to keep everyone pleased and the pomegranate seeds add an unexpected (but delicious) fruity touch. Make yourself comfy to watch the game and ensure you’ve got a Guinness Stout to complement your food.

If you haven’t taken a trip to the Guinness Six Nations fan village yet at Flat Iron Square, here’s a quick reminder of everything going on. And, don’t forget, you can also buy an exclusive ticket into the Guinness Clubhouse, where you’ll be able to watch the game surrounded by some rugby legends. There are also a whole load of specialised events taking place over the course of the next few weeks.

Tickets to enter the Guinness Village on match days are priced at £5 and to enter the Guinness Clubhouse on match days are priced at £10. They can be purchased via the Fever app. Both tickets include one complimentary pint of Guinness Stout or Hop House 13 lager and the opportunity to win some Guinness Six Nations prizes. Enjoy Guinness Responsibly. Visit drinkaware.co.uk for the facts.


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