The First Patients Have Just Arrived At London’s Coronavirus Hospital, NHS Nightingale

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NHS Nightingale Vaccinations

NHS Nightingale didn’t exist just two short weeks ago, but now its first coronavirus patients have been admitted.

The makeshift hospital was built inside London’s ExCel Centre, which is usually used for large-scale exhibitions, including MCM Comic Con. The first photos of the transformation were only released last week, when it was verging on completion. But today, April 7, the first coronavirus patients have been admitted. (Featured image: Number 10, Flickr)

Richard Schilling, a professor of cardiology, shared a photo to Twitter this evening, saying: the amazing team ⁦@NightingaleLDN receives their first patient with the professionalism of a hospital in existence for 2 decades not 2 weeks. very proud to be part of it”

NHS Nightingale has space for up to 4,000 hospital beds, and exists to help with the huge demand for beds and care across the UK, and ultimately slow the spread of the virus. The ExCel Centre has been kitted out with live-saving medical equipment, and they have thousands of staff and volunteers on hand to help out.

More to follow. 

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