Treat Yourself Or Your Loved Ones To A Brilliant Mystery Dinner Or Hotel Stay Next Year

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Treat Yourself Or Your Loved Ones To A Brilliant Mystery Dinner Or Hotel Stay Next Year

Fancy a bit of an adventure with some delicious food to boot?

Gastronomy is all about adventure and there’s nothing better than falling in love with a dish you’ve never eaten before. However, agreeing on where to go and figuring out what to eat isn’t always easy, especially after a long day, when all you want to do is relax.

So why not let somebody else choose for you? An amazing new offer, available on Fever, will do just that—and the food is catered specially to your tastes. You can choose to either have the food delivered to your home or eat at a surprise restaurant when restrictions are lifted.

There are plenty of fantastic options to choose from, depending on what you’d like to eat and drink. However, the general gist of it is this: if you choose to have your meal delivered, someone will bring a surprise meal with drinks to your home. The other option is to eat out, which involves the exciting experience of having a chauffeur pick you up and take you to a surprise restaurant.

There’s something for everyone, ranging from a three-course meal with drinks, to a tasting menu of seven dishes and five wines. It’s important to note that you can enjoy this offer at any time of the year, so it will be ready to redeem as soon as restaurants reopen.

Alternatively, enjoy a relaxing evening in a beautiful mystery hotel.

This genius offer works on the same principle as the previous plan. However, with Find The Room you get to escape everyday life with a stay at a fantastic, surprise hotel somewhere in England. All of the participating hotels are three to five star, so you know you’re getting quality. Plus, if you book a prime suite then a whirlpool bath and a bottle of Champagne are guaranteed. What a way to relax! You can use your voucher at any point next year, so it will make a perfect, last-minute Christmas gift for someone you’re eager to spend time with as soon as you can.

These offers are available across the UK, so what are you waiting for?

Check out the Surprise Dining event here, click here to book tickets for the Find The Room experience, or splash out on a combination of the two.

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