This Intriguing Talk Will Reveal How Magic Mushrooms Could Be Used To Fight Depression

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Magic Mushrooms

Are magic mushrooms about to become even more magic? This talk will give you all the details

Of all the treatments for depression out there, tripping has to be the most… well, out there. Currently the subject of a spirited debate amongst the scientific community, the use of magic mushrooms to fight depression has made the news recently, with early studies showing some positive applications. Just how likely are you to be prescribed magic mushrooms in the near future, though? Here to elucidate the science is the latest Fever Talks: Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Depression?, which runs on September 23 at 7pm. You can set yourself up with tickets here

Magic Mushrooms

Immediate and long-lasting relief from depression is the ultimate goal, and there are enough early signs to suggest that magic mushrooms (and their psychedelic compound psilocybin) could be the solution. Helping you navigate the world of hallucinogenic drugs is Dr Rosalind Watts, a clinical psychologist based at Imperial College, who acted as a “trip-sitter” during the first modern study of psilocybin as a treatment. And if you’re not wildly intrigued by the job of trip-sitter, then I really don’t think we can be friends.

Magic Mushrooms

Dr Watts has published participant accounts of the experience, and is currently in the process of developing training for therapists involved in psilocybin trials. She’ll be your guide to the studies, ethics, and debates surrounding the use of psychedelic drugs in medical treatment, for a talk that’ll broaden your mind and leave you curious for more. Tickets are available here!

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