Get Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer At This Chilling Online Talk

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Secrets of Serial Killers

Dare you learn the Secrets of Serial Killers?

Fancy learning about something that isn’t social distancing and flattening the curve? We feel you. Thankfully, our pals at Fever have lined up some of their excellent Fever Talks to stream online, which means you can now enjoy a fascinating lecture about the Secrets of Serial Killers. Kicking off at 8:30pm on Saturday, May 16, it’ll take you deep inside the mind of the UK’s most notorious criminals – thankfully, from the comfort of your own home – and tickets to this thrilling event are available here.

Secrets of Serial Killers

Secrets of Serial Killers offers a dark, unusual, and fascinating evening that seeks to answer a crucial question: what drives a person to commit such heinous crimes? Your guide for the evening is Adam Selzer, a tour guide, author, and speaker who’s an expert in the field of serial killers. He’ll be delivering unique insights on the most notorious serial killers in history, along with details of the crimes of lesser known killers.

Secrets of Serial Killers

The methods and motivations of serial killers are going under the microscope, in an attempt to find out what makes them tick. Plus, a Q&A session gives you the opportunity to ask the burning questions you’ve always wanted to put to the experts. It’s not an evening for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. But by the end of the night, you’ll be enlightened, enthralled, and most likely looking over your shoulder…

Secrets of Serial Killers

There are plenty more Fever Talks Online to enjoy over the coming weeks, spanning a whole range of subjects. Maybe you’d like to learn about the possibility of parallel universes, uncover the the psychology of attraction, or discover whether magic mushrooms can be used to treat depression. There’s so much to discover!

Find your tickets to Secrets of Serial Killers here.

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