Set Sail In Search Of Cocktails On This Incredible Subterranean Boating Adventure

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Set Sail In Search Of Cocktails On This Incredible Subterranean Boating Adventure

There’s cocktails ahoy on the high seas of the Lost Lagoon!

It’s fair to say that we’ll do pretty much anything for cocktails – and that includes rowing across a giant subterranean boating lake in search of ingredients. Fortunate, then, that exactly that challenge awaits you at the Lost Lagoon, a buccaneering adventure from Bompas & Parr and Captain Morgan rum. Combining the best bits of adventure and cocktail-making, it’s a jaw-dropping experience – and tickets are available here.

Lost Lagoon

Hidden deep beneath the streets of Shepherd’s Bush sits a vast lake, strewn with man-made islands just waiting to be discovered. Since your thirst for cocktails is matched by your thirst for adventures, you’ll hop into a noble vessel and row off in search of the horizon. A quest around the Lost Lagoon will yield a series of rum-based rations, all to be used in a delicious rum punch.

Lost Lagoon

The fully immersive production continues with the deciphering of Captain Morgan’s map – where X marks the spot of his island lair. To celebrate your successful voyage, the Captain is throwing an urban luau, complete with rum punches and tiki cocktails. You’ll also be rewarded with beach-inspired food and entertainment, because such nautical escapades deserve to be richly rewarded.

Lost Lagoon

The Lost Lagoon has voyages launching until April 7th – the dress code is neo-tiki, and pirate impressions are of course wholly optional. Really, the only thing you need to bring is the spirit of adventure!

Find your tickets to the Lost Lagoon here.

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