This At-Home Immersive Dining Experience Will Send You On A Treasure Hunt For Your Dinner

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Feast Hunter's Club

Track down your supper with new immersive at-home food adventure The Feast Hunters Club.

Back in the time of the hunter-gatherers, tracking down your next meal was a question of survival. And whilst the likes of Deliveroo and co have made getting your evening meal as easy as clicking a button, human evolution can’t entirely erase that thirst for the hunt, the feeling that you’ve truly earned your dinner. That’s where the newest immersive dining experience from Fever and Gingerline comes in, an intriguing affair known as The Feast Hunters Club which will send a box of delicious course to your home. Part treasure hunt, part supper club, this festive at-home food experience will make you work for your dinner – but thankfully, there’s no chance of starvation if it all goes wrong… Sign up to take part here, and read on for more!

Feast Hunter's Club

Three courses of wickedly inventive festive food from experiential culinary wizards Gingerline – who’ve delivered a stunning array of immersive dinners across the capital over the years – is up for grabs here, in an escapist adventure that’s quite unlike any dinner party you’ve ever had before. Before the hunt begins, you’ll have a delivery box of top-notch food delivered to your door – however, if you think you can just whack it on a plate and tuck in, you’ve got another think coming…

Feast Hunter's Club

To unlock each course, you’ll need to embark upon an epic virtual treasure hunt, a quest which will put you on the trail of the mysterious Feast Hunters Club. The deeper you go, the more delicious your meal gets – which is probably a good thing, since you’ll be having almost enough fun to forget about dinner (hey, I said almost). As the foodie treasure hunt takes place in the comfort of your own home, you can hunt alongside your household, or enjoy it virtually with friends. It’s a cryptic culinary adventure, and one which will leave you hungry for more!

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