Fatboy Slim’s Daughter Took Over His Facebook Page With An Epic Live DJ Set Over The Weekend

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

Fatboy Slim’s Daughter Took Over His Facebook Page With An Epic Live DJ Set Over The Weekend

Fatboy Slim’s daughter, now known as Fat Girl Slim, took over his decks for a banging bank holiday DJ set.

We all hope for sun over the Easter weekend, and typically we’d use these four days as a chance to let off some steam. Trouble is, the sun arrived and we were all locked down.

But that didn’t let the nation’s favourite DJ, Fatboy Slim, stop the tunes flowing in. Except this time, it came from his family. His ten-year-old daughter, Nelly Cook, showed her skills on the deck during a 50-minute Facebook livestream set.

The excellent stream’s caption read: Introducing… Fat Girl Slim. Part of the Camp Bestival Stay At Home, Easter Sleepover. ​​​#CBSleepover #StayHome. Nelly has watched me DJ for all of her 10 years on the planet and one day thought, ‘How hard can this be?’.”

It’s absolutely essential viewing for any funk soul brother or sister, so check it out right here, right now. She shows up everyone you went to university with who bought decks and promised they’d be the next big thing in electronic music.

Performing her set to her family, she gave a strong first impression. With equipment propped up by Heinz Baked Beans and Spaghetti, it was a classic British affair. Perfect for the British Bank Holiday. Family members danced around in David Bowie masks and Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, jumped on intermittently to give an expert helping hand.

The set is bags of fun, and the next best thing to being out on the town during a bank holiday weekend. It even features sound bites from Greta Thunberg’s speeches! So, for a good time with a good message, there’s no better way to spend your quarantine. Just don’t be too downhearted about having your DJ skills shown up by a 10-year-old. Her Dad is a legend of the game, after all!

👉 Check out the set in full here.