Face Masks And Social Distancing May No Longer Be Required In Most Places By Late June

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

Face masks are currently required on the London underground

If all goes well, face masks and social distancing might be (mostly) a thing of the past by late June.

England’s roadmap out of lockdown is about to progress into step 3, as our Prime Minister confirmed earlier this week. With plans to ease restrictions mostly on track, we could soon see even more requirements lifted in the coming weeks and months. It may be hard to picture right now, but face masks and social distancing may no longer be mandatory in many public places as early as late June. The partial lift will come with the exception of certain confined spaces, such as public transportation, where the safety measures will still be required to stay in place for a while. However, it is possible that people not adhering to the limited rules will no longer be fined.

The easing measures are part of a “maximalist” approach by the National Economy Recovery Taskforce to lift “non-pharmaceutical interventions” like masks and staying apart everywhere except for a small list of confined places, according to The Sun.

So, what does that mean for us, exactly? It means that come late June (unless COVID-19 cases rise again and step 4 can’t happen as planned), we will no longer need to wear masks and pay attention to social distancing rules in shops, the office, and other public places. Wearing masks will still be required on buses, trains, and the Tube, until further notice.

In addition, Boris Johnson plans to revoke his work-from-home order around the same time.

In other restriction easing news, Spain is aiming to welcome back UK tourists with no negative test required from May 20.

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