A New After Hours Queer Day Party Is Launching At Fabric This Weekend

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

A New After Hours Queer Day Party Is Launching At Fabric This Weekend

Sylvester is taking over Fabric in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sunday tends to be known as the day of rest for many, but those that know Fabric nightclub probably know that they have a few different takes on this philosophy. One of the latest nights out in central London, the historic venue would probably have a neverending flow of DJs seven days a week if they could.

And, with this all-new LGBTQ+ day party, they’re a little bit closer to getting their fingers on that accolade. Sylvester launches on Sunday morning, with DJs taking over rooms two and three from, *checks notes*, seven in the morning. Yes, in the AM.

Music tends to wind down around that time at Fabric, but on September 12, the day event will be making its debut at the same time most lazy Sunday-ers will be catching up on some shut-eye.

Music from Sylvester will fill the walls of Fabric for a lively 7am-3pm session. Just enough time to head home for a nap and feel just dandy if you have work the next day.

This opening party is part of a celebration of pride in London, and the event will continue with a Sunday residence in Fabric from October 3. DJ Cormac, a house and techno artist and regular at Panorama Bar, has been confirmed for the opening party. Wes Baggaley and Grace Sands will also be keeping the tunes flowing through the day.

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