Every Adult In The UK Can Now Book Their Covid-19 Vaccine

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All over-18s are now eligible to book their vaccine.

Despite the news that the UK’s “freedom day” is to be postponed for four weeks, we can hold out some hope in the country’s largely successful vaccination programme. Another leap forward has just been taken, as every adult in the UK can now book their Covid-19 vaccine.

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens told the NHS Confederation annual conference that there would be a huge boost in the effort to vaccinate as many as possible over the next four weeks.

From the beginning of last week (June 14), 23 and 24-year-olds could book their vaccine appointments. Then, younger ages quickly became eligible as the week went on.

Sir Simon Stevens said last week (June 15): “It is now very important that we use the next four weeks to finish the job to the greatest extent possible for the Covid vaccination programme, which has been a historic signature achievement in terms of the effectiveness of delivering by the NHS – over 60 million doses now administered.

“By July 19 we aim to have offered perhaps two thirds of adults across the country double jabs. I expect that by the end of this week, we’ll be able to open up the National Booking Service to all adults age 18 and above.”

You can book your vaccine appointment via the NHS portal hereAnyone over-18 is now eligible.

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