There’s A Secret Bar In West London Disguised As A 1920s Pharmacy • Evans And Peel

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Evans & Peel have a lesser-known speakeasy in Chiswick, and this one’s themed around a 1920s pharmacy.

Evans & Peel are somewhat infamous for their (ironically) top secret Detective Agency – the hidden cocktail bar that you can only enter once you’ve made an ‘appointment’ to see a detective, rung the doorbell to enter, and stepped into their office to present your case. However, they doubled the fun back in 2017 and opened another secret bar in Chiswick. For this one, they’ve dropped the detective act and are dosing us up with all the tonic we need… with a little extra gin. (Header image: @life.as.susie)


Walk through a humble pharmacy shop front and you’ll come across a pharmacist doing, er, pharmacisty things. Tell them the password (which you’ll get when you book) and he’ll lead you through to the atmospheric, prohibition-style bar, adorned with antique surgical instruments and 1920s furniture.


Expect an extensive list of kooky cocktails on the menu, as well as fine wines and whiskies. Just what the doctor ordered, eh? As for the food, the focus will be on all-star American classics, the highlight being the grilled cheese sarnies served in old, smoking cigar boxes.

Evans & Peel Pharmacy
Photo: @lucillerocks

To request a personal appointment with the pharmacist (i.e. to book a table) you’ll need to fill out this online form and explain your medical condition, which is a good chance to get creative. You’ll then be prescribed a few cocktails and whole lot of fun.

Location: 42 Devonshire Road, Chiswick. Nearest station is Turnham Green.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 5pm–11:30pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
More information: on their website.

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