London’s Enchanted Woodland Won’t Return For Christmas 2020

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Enchanted Woodland cancelled

If you go down to the woods this winter, you won’t find the Enchanted Woodland…

First, we lost Winter Wonderland 2020 to coronavirus concerns, and now the global health situation has forced the shutdown of one of West London’s best festive events. Yesterday evening, Syon Park confirmed that their mesmerising Enchanted Woodland will not be returning to town this winter, a result of fears that they wouldn’t be able to deliver the usual magic whilst keeping visitors safe. [Featured image: @enchantedsyon]

Whilst Winter Wonderland is the bigger, splashier cancellation, Syon Park’s Enchanted Woodland is every inch as festive and a great deal more serene. The woodland lights trail is renowned for turning the estate’s 600-year-old gardens into a spectacle of colour, and is honestly one of the highlights of London’s Christmas season. Sadly, it’s also a financial blow to Syon Park, who usually plough the profits from the Enchanted Woodland back into maintaining and caring for the magnificent house and gardens.

In better news, organisers are “already planning for next year”, when they hope to deliver an even more showstopping display to make up for the loss of the 2020 illuminations. And whilst the loss of the Enchanted Woodland is undoubtedly a blow, London isn’t totally devoid of woodland light trails this year – as Kew Gardens have already confirmed that their display will go ahead, with tickets already on sale.

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