5 Easy And Effective Stretching Routines That Your Back Will Thank You For

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5 Easy And Effective Stretching Routines That Your Back Will Thank You For

Are you sitting comfortably?

Working from home sounded great at first but then came the realisation that our desks were makeshift and our chairs inadequate. And now our backs hurt. (Featured image: Form)

Sure, we’re allowed one form of outdoor exercise per day—whether that’s a jog, a quick ride, or a brisk walk. But an hour a day of exercise isn’t any good if we continue to sit in awkward positions for long periods of time at ‘desks’ that were never meant to be desks. And don’t even get me started on the sofa…

So, if you’re feeling stiff, rigid and sore, check out these easy stretching routines to relieve the tension in your back and neck. A believe me, the last thing you want is a pain in your own arse.

1. Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

The nation’s PE teacher has been helping people get fit for years. Check out this video from his Monday Mobility series intended to help with mobility and flexibility. The exercise portion of the clip only last ten minutes, making the routine a perfect intro to stretching, and short enough to squeeze into any part of the day. Keep in mind that, at the time of recording this clip, Joe was only just getting into mobility, so his posture and positioning isn’t perfect. But hey, neither is mine.

2. Dr Eric Goodman, Foundation Training

“Do that every day, no back pain… ever.” 

You won’t hear those words until the very end of the clip, but if you begin reading the comment section, you’ll see countless people thanking Dr Eric for relieving them of their back pain. The routine has even been endorsed by Thor.

Don’t have twelve minutes or need a closer look at some of the positions? Check out this four-minute video here.

3. Tom Merrick, Bodyweight Warrior

If you’re looking for a video that you can follow along at the same pace, the Bodyweight Warrior Beginner Flexibility Routine is a great addition to your daily exercise. If after a few views you’d prefer to complete the routine without the video, open up the PDF sheet here so that you can go through the motions at your own pace.

4. Maddie Lymburner, MadFit

If you’ve got more time on your hands, Maddie Lymburner’s 30-minute stretch for the inflexible is a great addition to your daily schedule. Sit in positions for longer, stretch deeper, and feel the difference in your body as you move through the routine. There’s also a cameo from Maddie’s cat, so that’s a bonus, too.

5. Bowflex

Only got five minutes? Great. Stand up and follow this routine to begin feeling better than you did six minutes ago. Complete the routine at least once per day and you’ll soon forget that at the beginning of the lockdown you were waking up sore every morning.

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