5 Sinful Desserts To Make At Home That Are Basically Just Melted Chocolate

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

5 Sinful Desserts To Make At Home That Are Basically Just Melted Chocolate

Treat yourself to one of these delicious desserts, dripping in chocolatey goodness.

If you’re chocolate-obsessed or just after something tasty to brighten your day, you will love these brilliant ideas, brought to you by the savvy people of Instagram.

1. Molten chocolate cakes

Anything with ‘molten chocolate’ in the title has to be amazing, and this dessert is no exception to that rule. They’re also called ‘chocolate lava cakes’ and, if you get it right, the chocolate will pour from the cake like, well, lava. If you don’t get it right and the chocolate hardens inside, you still have a pretty delicious chocolate cake. So it’s a win-win, really.

👉 See the recipe for molten chocolate cakes here

2. Avocado chocolate mousse

Chocolate and avocado go surprisingly well together, and most recipes for this dessert actually contain cocoa powder instead of chocolate, which makes it vegan. However, if you’re craving some of the good stuff, you can always melt chocolate over the top of the dessert, or incorporate it into the mixture. If you have a food processor or a hand blender, this dessert is super-easy. If you don’t, a whisk or a fork will get you there eventually.

👉 See the recipe for chocolate and avocado mousse here

3. Skillet Brownies

You don’t have to own a skillet to make this spectacular splodge of melty deliciousness. You can use a non-stick frying pan, as long as it’s oven-safe. It’s best topped with some lovely vanilla ice-cream,  and this version even had Guinness in the mixture. There’s nothing like the taste of stout to complement a chocolate brownie!

👉 See the recipe for skillet brownies here

4. Cinnamon churros with melted chilli chocolate

Churros are beloved by many, simply because they’re just so moreish and delicious. If you’ve ever seen churros made, they tend to be forced through a mould into a deep fryer, but a pan of oil and some non-stick paper rolled into a piping nozzle will do. This recipe has a little twist, too…

👉 See the recipe for cinnamon and chilli chocolate churros here

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5. A melting chocolate ball

It’s literally a ball of melting chocolate! You pour even more chocolate on it to melt the ball and there’s some lovely ice cream hiding underneath. You can create the chocolate ball using melted chocolate and a balloon, so it’s not quite as complicated to make as it may appear.

👉 See the recipe for this melting chocolate ball here

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