It’s Going To Be A Toasty 23 Degrees This Easter, And We’re So Ready For It

Easter weather

Just as Jesus once rose, so shall the mercury.

Best hide the chocolate bunnies somewhere shady this weekend, because the forecast for Easter is an absolute BEAUT. Blessed by sunshine over the long weekend, you’ll want to grab the shades just to take a look at this gorgeous Easter weather.

Easter weather

First, the BBC, who have the magic number of 22℃ in their headlights for the first time this year.

Easter weather
[BBC Weather]
Things are pretty rosy over at the Met Office too, with 20/21℃ being the standard.

Easter weather
[Met Office]
Meanwhile, The Weather Channel are giddy with excitement, predicting a glorious 23℃ on Saturday. Scorchio!

Easter weather
[The Weather Channel]
Wonderful, isn’t it? It’s even warm enough – dare I say it? – to break out the barbecues for a non-traditional Easter feast. The weekend might be the perfect time to check out Kew’s stunning new glass sculptures, or head to a cherry blossom-filled garden. Of course, if you’re so set on chocolate that the weather is a mere distraction, we’ve also rounded up London’s best chocolate shops.

Easter weather

Best make the most of it though: AccuWeather’s ever-ambitious 90-day forecast doesn’t think we’ll see these balmy temperatures again until June 3rd – so get out there and enjoy it!

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