These Historic East London Pubs Have Been Granted Local Listed Status

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These Historic East London Pubs Have Been Granted Local Listed Status

Tower Hamlets council has granted 37 pubs with local listed status, protecting them from future developers.

Recognising these pubs for their architectural, historical and townscape significance, these particular boozers were chosen for listed status based on a select criteria, as well as a public nomination process. Basically, the list champions buildings that aren’t quite important enough for statutory listing, but are nevertheless important to the local community. (Featured image: The Ship

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So, if developers want to build around any of these pubs, their inclusion on this list will be considered, and they’ll have to make sure to preserve the pub and all of its characteristics. We’ll cheers to that! 🍻

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Photo: Adam Bruderer

Additions to the list include: The Ship Inn, where Isambard Kingdom Brunel was said to drink while he was building the Great Eastern steamship at Burrells Wharf; The Bow Bells, with its famous haunted toilets; The George in Blackwall, which is said to be the unofficial drinking spot for Millwall Football Club in the late 1800s; and The Marquis of Cornwallis, which was frequented by the Kray twins in the Sixties.

Tower Hamlets is the first borough to offer protection to dozens of pubs at the same time. But, when you look at the rate at which London pubs are closing, this is a very important step for the city.

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