Alexandra Palace’s Scenic Drive-In Cinema Is Staying Through The Autumn

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Drive In Film Club

Roll up for the Drive In Film Club’s autumn season.

Few London venues have had so triumphant a return from the coronavirus pandemic as Alexandra Palace, which managed to bring us a beer garden, live comedy and music, and the return of their ice rink by October 1. However, one of their best moves this summer was teaming up with Rooftop Film Club to bring Drive In Film Club to the picturesque park, where they’ve delivered a steady diet of blockbuster films. Happily, this partnership is continuing through October, with a wealth of cinematic treats still to come – and we’ve got your tickets lined up here!

Drive In Film Club

Yep, the nights might be getting darker, but the films are, if anything, getting better. They’ve got basically every genre covered, too – you want whimsical Wes Anderson? Go for The Grand Budapest Hotel. An all-time cinematic classic? Casablanca should scratch that itch. Fancy an apocalyptic Korean zombie flick? Yes, they’ve got one of those too, with the excellent Train To Busan. Throw in plenty of crowd pleasing favourites like Jurassic Park, Black Panther, Back to the Future, Little Women, and Ghostbusters, and you’ll see that Drive In Film Club’s lineup is pretty much unparalleled.

Drive In Film Club

So, those films, the 40-foot screen, and radio broadcasting system takes care of the entertainment, and the venue even has roller-skating waiters and waitresses to deliver your food, too. Cinema snacks and drinks can be delivered directly to your can, meaning that at this drive-in cinema, everything really is on wheels

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