A Crazy, Colourful Bakery With Its Own Ballpit Has Opened In Holborn

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Doughnut Time World

A bakery with a ballpit? Doughnut Time World is making it happen…

You’ve got to hand it to the folks over at Doughnut Time, they certainly know how to make a splash. The Aussie aces have been serving absolutely ripping doughnuts in London since 2017, and for their new trick, they’ve surpassed even their usual levels of extra-ness. Clocking in at a ‘Wildly OTT’ on the extra scale, Doughnut Time World is a whirlwind of doughnuts and Insta-ready decor – which naturally means we’re wild for it!

Doughnut Time World

If there’s a point of exhaustion for cheery immersive experiences, then we haven’t quite hit it yet. Doughnut Time World – billed as a “giant pop-up playground for adults” – is a total sensory overload, boasting such contraptions as a doughnut rope swing, a doughnut wall, and even a Doughnut Time swimming pool, complete with diving board and neon-lit balls. And that’s before even mentioning the neon-lit wall that wouldn’t be out of place in God’s Own Junkyard, and a shockingly yellow “chill zone”.

Doughnut Time World

I need a lie down just looking at it, quite frankly. Which is perhaps why the brand’s entire doughnut range will also be on hand, to lull you gently into a sugar coma during which you can recover from all the swinging, ballpit-diving, and ‘gramming you’ll no doubt be doing.

Doughnut Time World
Photo: @doughnuttime_uk

It’s considerably more than your average bakery. In fact, I imagine it’s like receiving a glorious, sugary slap in the face -and I absolutely love it!

You’ll find Doughnut Time World at 303 High Holborn, WC1V 7JY – it’s open seven days a week, and entry is entirely free.

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