A Local Bakery Has Launched London’s First Ever Vegan Cannoli • Dolcetta

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A Local Bakery Has Launched London’s First Ever Vegan Cannoli • Dolcetta

It’s crispy! It’s creamy! It’s free from dairy! That’s right, it cannoli be Dolcetta’s latest showstopper…

Dolcetta, the London-based vegan bakery, has achieved what once seemed impossible: perfectly crispy, dairy-free cannoli!

Adapted from an old family recipe, Dolcetta have tried and tried and tried again to really nail this dairy-free pastry. But they’ve only gone and bloody done it! They’ve created London’s first (and only) vegan cannoli.


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Each cannoli shell is lined and dipped in dark chocolate before being filled with sweet vegan ricotta and topped with your choice of nuts, candied peel and/or chocolate chips.

In a statement to Vegan Food & Living, Dolcetta’s founder Lexi Galli said: “To me, mastering a Vegan Cannoli was the holy grail and I had put it off for such a long time as it is one of the most technically difficult pastries to get right, even before trying to ‘veganise it, but celebrations were never the same without them so I got baking!”

“After many many trials (and many many errors!) I succeeded and the results are truly impressive.  My family have actually said they prefer the Dolcetta vegan cannoli to my original Sicilian family recipe and I tend to agree.”

Lucky Londoners can get these tasty pastries—as well as many other delicious vegan treats—delivered to their door. Head to Dolcetta’s website to find out more

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