The Madcap Sport Of Dodgems On Ice Is Your Next Winter Obsession

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Dodgems on ice looks like a stupid amount of fun.

I love a good winter sports craze as much as the next person, and whilst bobsleigh hockey is yet to take off (only a matter of time), I think we’re onto a winner here. The Elephant & Castle ice rink opens on November 29th, and whilst the usual ice skating is on offer, you’re going to want to sample their new invention. The rink will be hosting a ‘Bumper Cars on Ice’ experience, allowing you to best your buddies by knocking them about in a glorious contest of dodgems supremacy.Dodgems

I’m already sold, TBH. My only question is, how did we not think of this sooner? Once you’re safely strapped into your dodgem, you’ll hit the ice – and everything else in sight, most likely. Knowing how difficult dodgems are to control usually, one can only imagine that the ice version will be a memorable – if spectacularly uncoordinated – affair.Dodgems

Dodgems on ice will be a short but exhilarating ride, since you only get ten minutes on the ice per session. Still, that’s more than enough time to land a few decent hits, and at £6 a session, the option for more rides is there. The ice rink will also host rinkside food and drink, along with DJs to blast out some appropriate driving music. Oh, and this should be self-evident, but skaters and dodgems will never be on the ice together. Remember, safety never takes a day off!

Catch it at Castle Square, Elephant Road, SE17 1AY. Find out more information here.

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