An Incredible Immersive ‘Doctor Who’ Experience Has Landed In London

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Doctor Who Time Fracture

Doctor Who: Time Fracture calls on you to save London from a terrible fate…

Mayfair is full of beautiful houses, luxury shops, and now (unfortunately) a rift in time and space. At least, that’s the premise of immersive experience Doctor Who: Time Fracture, which catapults you into the world of the Doctor. Our world has been beset by fractures in time and space, which are threatening to rip London apart and send innumerable dangers spilling into the world. So, as you can imagine, the stakes are pretty high – and it’s up to you and your team to step up and save the world. Find your tickets here, or read on for more information about your mission.

Doctor Who Time Fracture

Doctor Who: Time Fracture comes from Immersive Everywhere, who’ve previously delighted London with their immersive theatre production of The Great Gatsby. This trip into the Whoniverse has been blessed by BBC Studios, so you’re guaranteed the full Doctor Who experience in this adventure. An unknown weapon has opened a rift in time and space in a once-tranquil corner of Mayfair, and it’s posing a grave danger to the capital.

Doctor Who Time Fracture

The valiant team at UNIT have been fighting off the dangers for as long as they can, but with the fractures spiralling out of control and danger closing in, they’ve sent out a plea for help. Your journey through time (and relative dimension in space) will see you encounter Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, and a whole host of mysterious creatures – as well as the odd ally who’ll be helping you on your way. Actors will play a range of characters from the Doctor Who universe, and you can choose the locations you’ll travel to on your quest, meaning that every trip to Doctor Who: Time Fracture will be a wholly unique one!

Doctor Who Time Fracture

Doctor Who: Time Fracture puts you at the heart of the story, so if you’ve always secretly wished to hop in the TARDIS and tackle intergalactic adventures, this is your chance. Don’t forget though: the whole world is counting on you!

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