The Ultimate Disney Movie Marathon Is Coming To London

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The Ultimate Disney Movie Marathon Is Coming To London

Attention, Disney lovers! Moving Pictures Cinema have the ultimate lazy Sunday in store for you.

Call me psychic, but I foresee a very lazy day for you on June 2. It’s pay day weekend, so chances are you’ll have a few bevs on Saturday night. By my calculations, that means there’s a high chance you’ll be nursing a pretty nasty hangover come Sunday morning. Even if you’re feeling dandy (kudos to you), Sunday is the day of rest — and resting should always translate to watching a trio of Disney films while shovelling popcorn into your face. Right?

Moving Pictures Cinema are hosting a magical afternoon filled with the adventures of Ariel, Hercules and Mowgli. Yes, that’s right, they’re showing The Little Mermaid, Hercules and The Jungle Book back to back from 2pm till 8pm.

This lovely indie cinema in Borough was founded by filmmakers, and it’s so much more than your ordinary movie theatre. You’ll find it within Mercato Metropolitano, south London’s awesome Italian street food market. (Which, incidentally, is also a fantastic place to visit.)

It boasts a large, eight metre screen with epic surround sound and a state of the art projection system. It’s filled with custom designer furniture—including sofas and arm chairs—so you’ll get 10/10 comfort as you indulge in your favourite films.

Beyond the screen, the cinema’s bar also has a wide selection of wine and cocktails, including themed-cocktails to complete the immersive experience. They’re all for sustainability too; so all their products are locally sourced, the food is freshly made on site, and their popcorn is organic and GMO free.

Get tickets to Sunday June 2’s Disney Movie Marathon here. To see what else is happening at Moving Pictures Cinema, head to their website.

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