Dirty Martini Are Delivering Delicious Drinks And Cocktail Kits To Your Door

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dirty martini at home

The amazing Dirty Martini At Home shop brings all your favourite cocktails to you – signed, sealed, delivered.

In the midst of a November lockdown, where normally we’d be gearing up for the festive season (and all its parties, post-work drinks and festive cocktails), you might be wondering how you can make your nights-in just a little more exciting… Well, behold – the Dirty Martini At Home shop. Yes that’s right, you can now bring the bar to you and enjoy the Dirty Martini experience from the comfort of your living room with these cocktail bottles, Martini Mix Sets, Absolut masterclasses and more!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, want to do something to jazz up date nights in lockdown, or just want to treat yourself because 2020 has been tough and you deserve it – the Dirty Martini At Home shop is guaranteed to impress you. From pre-mixed cocktail bottles, to DIY mixology kits, to an amazing Musical Bingo & Cocktail masterclass with Absolut Vodka, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

dirty martini at home

First, for those of you who don’t back your own mixology skills and just want to enjoy delicious drinks made by the pros – shop the collection of ready-mixed cocktail bottles. Each bottle is freshly prepared to order, made with the original and authentic Dirty Martini recipe, and comes with garnishes for that final, finishing touch. Just pour, top off with your garnish and enjoy. It’s low-effort, but still offers maximum satisfaction!

Each bottle contains four servings worth of the pre-mixed cocktail and you can choose from Dirty Martini bestsellers including the Absolut Blood Orange & Vanilla Martini, Absolut Espresso Martini, Absolut Christmas Martini and more. These beautiful cocktail bottles are ready for you to enjoy at home immediately, though they also make an absolutely stunning gift.

dirty martini at home

Meanwhile, If you’d like to get a little more hands-on and flex your bartending skills, then why not try a fabulous Martini Mix Set. You’ll be sent ingredients to recreate some of your Dirty Martini favourites at home, garnishes and all! All you’ll need to do is follow your recipe card and add one or sometimes two fresh ingredients to bring your cocktail to life. Either shaken or stirred – these Martini Mix Sets deliver.

But if you’re looking to take your cocktail-making experience to the next level, or if you want to treat a special someone this festive season, then you’ve got to take a look at these Dirty Martini Cocktail Gift Sets. They make the perfect gift for a loved one, or yourself! Choose from either a silver or rose gold cocktail set and you’ll receive a cocktail shaker, jigger spirit measure and Hawthorne strainer, alongside your chosen Martini Mix Set. For cocktail lovers and those hoping to step up their mixology game, it doesn’t get better than these lovely cocktail kits.

dirty martini at home

Finally, for those who really want to experience the full force of festive cheer, there are the incredible Cocktail Masterclass Kits. For just £30 you’ll bag yourself a cocktail kit containing everything you need to enjoy an incredible live Virtual Christmas Musical Bingo & Cocktail Masterclass with Absolut Vodka. There will be two live events to choose from, one on Saturday November 28 and the other on Saturday December 12. Tune in, and you’ll join Dirty Martini, Absolut and the wonderful Velma Celli for the ultimate festive night-in.

You’ll have a chance to unleash your inner bartender as you shake, stir and sip your way through an Absolut Christmas Martini and Espresso Martini masterclass. Then, once you’ve mixed up your delicious cocktails it’s time to get ready for some Christmas Musical Bingo. There’s a chance to win exciting prizes during the bingo game, but all attendees will also receive a voucher for a free Martini (at any Dirty Martini venue) emailed to them after the event. We’re all winners here!

dirty martini at home

The cocktail kit will contain everything you need from drinks ingredients, to the bingo card, to the cocktail shaker. All you need to do is make sure you’ve got yourself some ice and a glass to enjoy your delicious cocktail creation in. Oh, and festive fancy dress is optional but always welcome. Get your Absolut Cocktail Masterclass Kit here.

So, whether you fancy being your own bartender, enjoying professionally made drinks at home, or you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift idea – Dirty Martini has got you covered. Signed, sealed and delivered to your door!

Find out more and shop the Dirty Martini At Home Collection here. 18+ only, with valid ID. Please drink responsibly.

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