Shoreditch Street Eats Hangout Dinerama Is Closing For Good This Weekend

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It’s the end of an era for Dinerama.

The Street Feast empire is losing its northernmost outpost this week, as it’s sadly been confirmed that Dinerama will close its doors on Sunday. The popular street food hangout has got one weekend of trading left, before their array of foodie joints and quirky bars pack up for good, another casualty of rising rents in Shoreditch. So, if you’re planning on one last hurrah, you’ve got until Sunday to enjoy it. [Featured image: @streetfeastldn]

It’s been five years since Dinerama first welcomed punters to an old truck yard, and whilst the idea of food outlets in shipping containers is a tried-and-tested formula these days, back in the halcyon days of 2015 it was still a relatively fresh format. Dinerama quickly became one of the capital’s favourite street food markets, with street food legends such as Yum Bun, Up In My Grill, and White Men Can’t Jerk amongst the current residents, and plenty more having launched careers here. They also, frankly, benefitted from some of the best-named bars in London – Dick’s Magic Tiki Bar and German Sex Dungeon are the watering holes here, an eye-catching duo which served up frozen shots and craft beers respectively.

Sadly, even as they reopened after the lockdown, Dinerama acknowledged they might not be around for much longer, citing the inability to agree a deal with their landlords to keep them open longer than the end of September. It’s also (for a couple of days more at least) the only market of the Street Feast group currently open, with Hawker House in Surrey Quays, Model Market in Lewisham, and Giant Robot in Canary Wharf yet to reopen after the lockdown. (If we lose the rest of them, 2020 is going to become an even shittier year…)

As a result, it’s the final hurrah for Dinerama this weekend, with the final bow coming this Sunday beneath the venue’s twinkling fairy lights. Until then, they’ll be open Thursday and Friday 5-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday 12-10pm, before presumably being turned into luxury flats or something equally fun and vital to the community. Pop along this weekend, and say farewell to a street food stalwart in style…

Find Dinerama at 19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ, until October 4.

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