The Covent Garden Restaurant With The ‘World’s Best Dumplings’ Is Now Delivering

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Deliver us dumplings to deliver us from boredom.

After almost two years in London, Din Tai Fung and their intricately crafted dumplings aren’t much of a secret anymore, nor is the fact that one of their restaurants was once named one of the world’s best by the New York Times. Still, there’s no denying their dumplings are tasty as hell, and thankfully they’re now available for delivery.

Jiaozi and shao mai dumplings are both on the menu, although the xiao long bao that have catapulted them to worldwide fame sadly aren’t up for delivery. Happily, the rest of the menu is stuffed full of winners, include Shaghainese drunken chicken, dan dan noodles, and chilli crab and pork buns, so there’s plenty to make up for loss of the xiao long bao. Plus, dessert takes the form of custard lava buns, and since custard lava is the most delicious lava out there, I think you’ll want to dive right in.

You’ll find Din Tai Fung and their dumplings on Deliveroo, and if you want one more reason to order them, consider this: it’s physically impossible to eat dumplings and be sad. Just can’t be done. Hey, I don’t make the rules, it’s just the way things are.

Find Din Tai Fung and their menu here.

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